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Kuldeep HNHS Birmingham

Laura was a real tower of support as a coach during my time at the NHS. She was truly inspirational and enabled me to grow. A true ambassador for the NHS who enabled me to make a real difference in my work. I would recommend Laura as coach...

Dr Amy JNHS Nottingham

I really thought that the course was excellent. Its my first course done over zoom and I was worried about not being able to concentrate on the content. However I found it very engaging with a mix of knowledge together with breakout rooms. There are quite a few aspects of today I will try to implement into my practice over the next few weeks to months..

Simon TChange Management Specialist

Laura is exceptionally talented, with the ability to identify approaches and solutions to real life work situations. Her work with people and development is exceptional and adapts to the culture and need of the organisation. It’s never one size fits all and Laura recognises this. . People buy into her and she will make a difference..

Kaitlin HCoaching Client

Laura helped me to be kinder to myself and to accept my feelings. She spent time getting to know me and my mindset, enabling me to see myself more clearly. She highlighted patterns which I hadn’t noticed before and made me feel incredibly comfortable and visible.
I now understand my trigger points and feel more comfortable and confident to cope with tough moments in the future.

Head TeacherCoaching Client

I'm delighted to share with you that we have been graded as 'outstanding' in all areas! A very BIG 'thank you' for the part you have played in helping me believe in myself, develop my confidence as a leader and supporting me with the development of strategies in working towards this goal! I do think back to this time three years ago when I was at a real low point and really doubting my abilities. The progress that you have helped me make since then has been phenomenal.



The foundation of my work is that it builds resilience. I can be a partner to your team or business to support sustainable changes and lasting improvement.

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Tackle conflict with mediation. I provide a non-judgemental, confidential space to speak openly and honestly with a neutral third party. I use a world-class structured approach to crafting a way forwards.

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Mental Health awareness training

Organisations have become increasingly aware of the importance that they play in their employees mental health. If you need help in this area, I provide accredited workshop based training.

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1:1 Coaching

I am an experienced and fully qualified coach and can help individuals with a host of topics including navigating dificult times, leadership and achieving your next career milestone.

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Team Development Away Days

I help teams achieve more! Teamwork is not just a sum of the parts, it requires understanding to deliver the communication, creativity and cohesion that all great teams have.

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Medical Professionals

Working in the field of medicine brings a tonne of unique challenges. I provide specific training to those who work in these environments.

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Laura Hampson coaching

What is coaching?

As a coach, I help people identify and achieve their goals. I provide support, guidance, and accountability to help my clients reach their full potential. Coaching is not therapy or consulting. While therapy focuses on healing past wounds and consulting …

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